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No-Stress Tricks To Attract House Buyers

Clean (And Maybe Paint) The Front Door

If it's messy or dirty, buyers won't go further.

Tidy All Rooms And Clear Clutter

Real estate experts say a spacious house always sells faster. Remove all gadgets from kitchen work surfaces, and piles of magazines and papers from the living room.

Kitchens And Bathrooms Sell Houses

To update your bathroom in a flash, invest in a new shower curtain, and new, coordinating towels and potpourri. Scrub tiles and wash painted walls.

Go For Neutral Shades

You may love your bright pink cabinets, but a coat of beige or white paint on walls and fixtures attracts more buyers.

De-Personalise The Space

Buyers need to imagine their family here. So remove your personal pictures and ornaments. Put them in storage if possible.

Clean Windows And Mirrors

If there's no view, consider fitting pretty muslin curtains.

Seduce Potential Buyers With A Lifestyle

Place aspirational products around the house - like designer toiletries in the toilet or a bottle of champagne in the kitchen wine rack

Keep Pets Off The Furniture

Or you could let them stay with a friend during house viewings.

Let Viewers Enter Rooms Before You

This trick makes the space seem bigger.

Highlight Good Selling Points

If you've got handy storage or a nice view, mention it. When you explain why you're moving, avoid negatives like "We hate the neighbors!"

Conducting Safety Check

Periodically check every part of your home for potential safety hazards. Eliminate these hazards so that you can minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring. When selecting furnishings and appliances, consider carefully if each design incorporates safety features. Making your home a safer place is especially important if you have very young or elderly family members living with you.

What To Check

  • Is the air you breathe indoors safe from pollutants and contaminants like mould, bacteria and dust?

  • Are electrical cords and wiring in good condition, or are they frayed and cracked? Damaged cords may cause electric shocks or fire.

  • Are the floor surfaces in your home slippery when wet?

  • Are the water heaters in your home starting to rust or leak? Do they comply with the latest safety standards?

  • Are the fixtures and household accessories in your home potential safety hazards?

Table Inspiration

Orchids are great for table settings because they are hardy and always look fresh. For a modern look, try arranging individual flower heads in cups or along a tray.


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