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Trip The Light Fantastic

Charm the socks off your roommates with these easy to make eclectic chandellers.

Ribbon Lights

Drape ribbons around a small crystal chandelier for a 'wind chime' effect.

What Is Required

  • Small chandelier mobile
  • Scissors
  • Assorted ribbons of various lengths, print and thickness
  • Double-sided tape or glue gun

Step 1: Using a double-sided tape or a glue gun, stick ribbons onto the rim of the light frame, allowing for ribbons to vary in lengths, colors and prints.

All Strung Up Chandelier

Shiny strings and sparking sequins add a dash of kitsch to jazz up a boring ol' hanging lamp.

What Is Required

  • 2 lamp frames of 2 different sizes
  • Thin metal wires
  • Silver strings
  • Sequins of varying colors, shapes and sizes

Step 1: Attach the smaller lamp frame to the larger one with thin metal wires.

Step 2: Measure strings to two lengths. Length A: Top to base of smaller lamp frame. Length B: Half of length A (for bigger lamp frame).

Step 3: Cut silver strings to the two lengths and tie them to the respective lamp frames. Repeat till strings cover entire frame.

Step 4: Arrange the sequins at different lengths and thread them through the silver strings. Match and stack various sizes of sequins but be sure that the design is consistent.

Keep The Fires Burning

Candlelight dinners a thing of the past? Not with our whimsical tea light candle-lier!

What Is Required

  • Candle holder or candelabra
  • Stained glass ornaments
  • Chains
  • Beaded garlands
  • Thin metal wires
  • Jump rings

Step 1: Using jump rings, attach chains and beaded garlands onto the candelabra.

Step 2: Collect the chains and attach them with jump rings to the centre of the candelabra.

Step 3: Do the same for the beaded garlands below the centre of the candelabra but attach them with a large jump ring.

Step 4: String a glass ornament and attach it to the centre of the beaded garlands.

Step 5: Using thin wires, string various different colored glass ornaments onto the candle candelabra. Hand them at different heights for a designer effect.

Step 6: String a strong chain through two opposite sides of the candelabra to hang this to the ceiling.

Step 7: Lastly, light tea light candles and watch the glass ornaments illuminate the room.


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