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Cooker For Your Kitchen

As the cooker is a one-time investment, many do not mind-paying more for a cooker that is better designed, easy to maintain and more durable. Cookers, hobs or ovens, come in colored and stainless steel makes. The easy-to-maintain steel models are popular but cost more. There is now a scratch resistant feature that can be incorporated in stainless steel hobs.

Hobs today come in 2, 3, and 4-burner configurations. The 2 and 3-burner hobs are popular among smaller families who do little cooking, so dispensing with the need to have a cooker with too many hobs. In response to market demand for better products, manufacturer have come up with other innovative features:

Triple Ring Burners

This is a popular feature found primarily in the main hob. The triple ring burner affords a bigger flame and is suitable for wok cooking which requires a strong flame to cook the dishes welt.

Rust-free Burner Caps

Most cooker makers offer cast iron as well as brass burner rings.

Sealed Up Burner Core

Newer cookers have completely welded up burner inner core to conceal and protect the inside of the cooker. Burners which are not entirelv sealed up tend to open up at the core where the flame stem is located.

afety Flame Sensor

The flame failure sensor valve automatically cuts off the gas once the flame is blown off the centre by either a strong wind or when there is an accidental boil over. This will prevent a back flame from burning and damaging the inside tunnel pipe of the burner thereby shortening the life span of the burner.

Hoods And Chimneys

Cooker hoods are usually of 60cm or 90cm funnel diameter. The bigger model is the more popular buy as it can diffuse gas fumes better. Chimney hoods, which have a bigger suction capacity of about 600-700 cubic metres per hour compared to about 200-250 m3/hr of normal hoods, are popular. But they cost more.

It is always cheaper to source direct from a sole agent. Go for dealer promotions where cookers are bundled with built-in ovens/hoods in an attractive package. Buy from a cooker specialist, rather than from a distributor of many appliances, as his sales and servicing effort tends to be diffused. Choose from a dealer with a track record as he is more likely to be around to provide the aftersales service.


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