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Panic Attack Symptoms And Treatments

You have to recognise the symptoms of a panic attack. It would usually feel like this: You're fine one moment. The next thing you know you're suffocating and struggling for breath. Your heart is hammering. You fed sick and dizzy and pour with sweat. Then, after what stems like hours, but is only minutes, everything feels normal again.

Some people get tummy pains, or feel nauseous. Some feel detached, numb or tingly. At the end of it all, they just feel an overwhelming terror that there's something very wrong with them. See a doctor to be sure that there is really- nothing wrong. Stay calm by reminding yourself that panic attacks are soon over and not harmful or dangerous. Distract yourself by doing mental maths or running through your shopping list.

The last thing you should do is depend on tranquillisers to stay in control. While it's all right to take tranquillisers if you only get one or two panic attacks, it's best to get a prescription for medication that will not have nasty side-effects, or make you dependent. If your doctor believes the new research that suggests that panic disorder is due to a short-circuit of the brain's chemical messengers,.he might put you on an antidepressant like paroxetine.

But once you start you must continue - treatment until your doctor takes you off it. Stop as soon as you feel better, and you might get a relapse. As it's often stress that triggers an attack, learn to relax if you're an anxious person. Join a yoga class or pick up a hobby that lets you work with your hands-knitting, pottery, papertole making, etc.


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