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What is Depression?

Depression is not a moral weakness or character flaw. You cannot "snap out of it" or wish it away. It is an illness which stems from biological roots due to genetic factors or an abnormal amount of chemical in the brain. Most people don't realised they're depressed especially when they've been coping with their feelings for along time.

It's An Illness That Is Treatable; Do Seek Help If You Or A Loved One Exhibits These Symptoms.

  • Recurring thoughts of death.
  • Feeling persistently sad, irritable or gloomy.
  • Difficulty sleeping, waking up and concentrating.
  • Feeling constantly tired.
  • Suffer from violent mood swings, easily agitated.
  • Feel worthless and guilty.
  • Loss of appetite, weight and interest in daily activities.
  • Avoiding other people, even friends and loved ones.

Wits And Ends

Know someone who's suffering from depression? You can make a difference with these gestures.

  • Speak words of love and be a good listener. Praise them daily to help them feel good about themselves.
  • Encourage them to take their medicine and visit the doc regularly.
  • Give them a call, visit them at home or take them out.
  • Be very patient and understanding.
  • Help them understand it's not their fault or anyone's.

Is Back Pain In Your Head?

Chronic lower back pain may be caused by emotional distress, says Dr John Sarno from Rusk Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine in the US. He believes that when we repress emotions such as anger and resentment, the mind produces back pain to distract us from the emotional issues. And the discomfort is not just in your head. Tension reduces the circulation of blood and oxygen, which can cause muscle or nerve pain, even though there is nothing physically wrong. "Reject the physical, accept the psychological;" says Dr Sarno. The pain will fade once you stop dwelling on it.

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