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Asthma And Other Lung Diseases

Diseases of the lungs can be serious and life-threatening. Some common diseases include asthma, pneumonia and lung cancer.


Asthmatic attacks occur when the muscle in the walls of the lung air passages contract, causing the air passages to become narrowed. The lining of the air passages also swells and produces extra mucus. The symptoms of asthma include difficult in breathing, chest tightness, wheezing and coughing.

Infection (e.g. colds and flu), allergies, exercise and emotional stress can all trigger off asthmatic attacks. If you have asthma, you can prevent asthmatic attacks if you know what triggers your attacks. Medication of asthma includes oral tablets and aerosol inhalers. Some asthmatics must take medication regularly to control their problem, while others only need it when they experience attacks of wheezing. Severe attacks should always be treated in a hospital.


In pneumonia, the affected parts of the lung become inflamed and filled with pus. Some causes of pneumonia are:
  • Infections due m bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites
  • Breathing in fumes front liquids such as kerosene
  • Blockage of part of the lung by a piece of food or some other objects

Symptoms of pneumonia include cough with phlegm, fever and breathlessness. The patient had to breathe more quickly in order to meet the body's oxygen needs. This makes him feel tired and breathless.

Pneumonia is more common among the elderly, the undernourished, those with suppressed immune systems, alcoholics, diabetics and smokers. It is treated with antibiotics that act against the infective germs. Fever, cough and other symptoms can also be treated with medication.

Lung Cancer

In the early stage of lung cancer, there arc no symptoms. Later, symptoms like coughing out blood, breathlessness, loss of appetite and weight may develop. The cancer can also spread to lymph nodes and other organs like the liver.

Lung cancer can be diagnosed using X-rays and other methods like bronchoscopy (using a flexible tube to look at the lung passages). The cure rate for lung cancer is very poor, even with treatment. The best thing to do is to lower your risk of getting lung cancer. Give up smoking if you are a smoker. If you don't smoke, remember that you can also get cancer from passive smoking (breathing in surrounding cigarette smoke.


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