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In diabetes, there is a problem with the secretion of insulin, a hormone which controls the entry of glucose (sugar) into body cells. Because of this, there is a large amount of glucose in the blood, and glucose gets passed out in the urine. Diabetes cannot be cared but can be controlled with proper diet, tablets or insulin injections. There are two types of diabetes: One type is treated with tablets and the other by insulin injections.

Warning Signs

You Should See A Doctor If You

  • Notice ants around your urine
  • Pass urine more often than normal
  • Are always thirsty
  • Lose weight despite eating more
  • Always feel tired

To find out if you have diabetes, your doctor will do a urine and/or blood test. You should be especially concerned if you have a family history, and if you are overweight and over 40 years old.

Complications Of Diabetes

Poorly controlled or untreated diabetes can give rise to serious complications like kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart disease, blindness, coma, stroke, nerve problems and gangrene of limbs.

Controlling Diabetes

It is necessary to make changes to your lifestyle to control diabetes:

Proper Nutrition

Take a balanced diet and at regular times. You may need a dietician's or a doctor help to plan your meals.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will help you lose any excess weight and improve your overall fitness.

Regular Treatment

Follow your doctor's instructions strictly if you need tablets or insulin injections to lower your blood sugar level. Go for regular check-ups and monitor your blood or urine sugar level.

Good Hygiene

Ensure good personal hygiene because diabetics are prone to skin infections. Poor hygiene is especially important. It is important to learn about the condition if you or any of your family members have diabetes. Ask your doctor clearly what you should do and why. Blood sugar monitoring can be done at home using a glucometer.

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