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Trichomoniasis is another common sexually transmitted disease.

How You Get It

Trichomoniasis is passed on through sex with an infected partner. It is easier to get trichomoniasis if a condom is not used.

How It Is Transmitted

Trichomoniasis is transmitted by passing germs (protozoa) from one person to another when having sex.

What It Looks Like - What The Symptoms Are

Itching in and around the vagina along with a deep red-colored rash are signs of trichomoniasis. Women also may see a gray discharge, a frothy-yellowish discharge, or a slightly bloody discharge from the vagina. Women can range from no symptoms to a severe inflammatory disease. For women, symptoms of acute trichomoniasis often occur during or immediately after menstruation. Men may show a similar discharge in about half of the cases but often have no symptoms. The incubation period has been estimated between 3 to 28 days after initial infection.

How You Get Tested For It

A healthcare provider will collect fluids from the genital area for women and take a urine test from men. These are sent to a laboratory for examination. It usually takes a few days to get the results back.


Trichomoniasis is treatable and curable. A seven day regimen of pills provides a 95% cure rate.


The regular use of a condom reduces the transmission of trichomoniasis.


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