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How To Be A Top Draw?

Here Are Top Tips For Aspiring And Seasoned Cartoonists Alike

Good Press

Read the newspapers every day to stay informed, because you can't have an opinion if you don't know what's happening out there.

Dare, But Don't Bare

Don't always try to consider everything and everyone's point of view when creating a cartoon. Vulgarities are unacceptable so stay decent. 

Be Responsible

A cartoonist has a square or rectangular space in a newspaper - it' like a stage for performances. Many people look at it and it's very effective, so you have to be very responsible about how you use it.

It's About Us, Not You

Don't draw for self-entertainment. Try to make a good point, and don't draw for those few academic professors - draw for your entire readership.

Be Right And Clear

You don't want people to go away thinking the opposite of what you meant, so always check what you're trying to communicate with those who love and respect you.

Simple Is Best

Use symbols or visual clues that are easily grasped and universally understood, because they are the most effective tools of communication.

Teaching Tip

Encouragement and praise for attempting something can have as much impact as praise for completing a task. An unmotivated student who begins to realise that their contribution, any contribution, is appreciated will be more motivated to learn than one who feels their contributions are meaningless. Encouragement shows your child that you are interested in and care about their achievements.

Remember to praise your child as often as you can, simply by saying, "1'm proud of you!" "I know that you have worked really hard." "You did your homework beautifully!" or "You are reading so well, keep on doing your best!" It's amazing how this will motivate your child to do even better and strive to reach even greater achievements.


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