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Make Your Writing Flow

Are you like everyone else in the world who thinks writing is difficult? Think again. Writing is the easy part if you have the right structure. Ask anyone what they hate most about their job, and the universal answer will be writing. This is a sad situation because writing is not difficult. It is a process of putting together ideas using subjects and verbs, and adding adjectives, adverbs and articles.

To make writing easy, start with a structure. Before writing a report, email, speech or presentation, take the time to organize your thoughts. Once an outline is established mentally, clear and effective writing will naturally fall into place.

Here Are Five Structures To Make Writing Simple

Inverted Pyramid

Trained journalists use this method to write newspaper articles, and it works well with any piece of written communication. Typical of a newspaper article, the most important information appears at the top of an inverted pyramid in the first paragraph, and it answers the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. The rest of the information is then presented in order of importance, with the least important information at the inverted tip.

Egyptian Pyramid

Management consultants use this method. It is actually the same as the inverted pyramid style; it is just a mentally different concept of putting the most important, information at the top of the pyramid, and then adding information to build the rest of the pyramid down to the base.

Number Priority

If pyramids are too difficult to conceptualize, then simply use numbers to organize information in written communication. This is a simple method of deciding in numerical order what the most important fact to be communicated is, followed by the next most important fact, and so on.

Beginning, Middle And End

This method relies on skills learned in school on how to write essays. Start with a beginning, support the beginning with a middle, and then end with end with a conclusion. 

Most Important To The Least Important

This structure simply groups the most important information and the least important information.

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