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Type B Student

This type of student may not take his/her studies seriously. Such students are intelligent but lack concentration. They are often playful, gregarious and fun-loving. They would rather socialize, engage in many extracurricular activities, watch television, engage in sports and are interested in BG relationships.

The attitude is: "What's the hurry. I'm bright so I'll study later." Unfortunately, later may never come in the case of some. Often, those who cram at the last minute usually do not do as well as they can, which is a pity. Such students are usually very intelligent but restless and find difficulty in applying themselves.

They are happy with average grades in years when no major exams are held. In many cases when they actually try to catch up in major exams they find themselves unable to reach their full potential. Sometimes these students are the most dissatisfied when they go out to work because although they are very intelligent they cannot reach the top as they carry bad habits into the workplace; habits like tardiness, putting off today what they think can be done tomorrow.

They often are good communicators and give the impression that they are on top of things but when you get down to basics you'll find that they cannot deliver. They often resort to excuses and may blame others when things go wrong. If you suspect that you may be this type I suggest you work towards eradicating the habits that may destroy your future. Bad habits that are developed in the teen years may be difficult to break later on.


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