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Here's What You Should Do

Be honest with yourself. You know you are smart but admit intelligence without substance is like putting all the ingredients for pancakes in a bowl without any liquid to bind them together. You need to combine knowledge with intelligence to succeed. If you hate to study alone start a study group but make sure you include one or two serious learners so you and others like you won't be tempted to play or get distracted.

You have to tell yourself that tomorrow seldom comes for those who procrastinate. Get a Buddy who will remind you of your immediate priorities. Plan a study time-table and follow it. Give yourself small rewards if you are diligent. Read about people who have sacrificed their future because they wasted their teen years. You find such people everywhere. Often they are happy to tell their story.It always begins with "If I had the chance to live my youth all over again I would not ..." or "Why didn't someone punish me and force me to study...".

Approach a teacher you like and respect and ask this person for advice on how to focus on your studies. Teachers are happy to guide students. Control the urge to impress your peers. You duty is to learn and develop your character. This includes learning the importance of self-control, discipline, developing a serious learning pattern and getting your priorities right. You have many advantages; don't waste them.


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