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Type A Student

The Type A Student studies consistently and conscientiously all year round. Some have parents and relatives that encourage them and they may have enlightened tutors. More often than not such students do well because they are self-motivated and continually challenge themselves. They succeed because they are determined to succeed. No sacrifice is too great.

They do their homework and assignments regularly, read outside the syllabus, involve themselves in creative pursuits and are creative thinkers. Most important is the fact that such students actually enjoy studying. They enjoy learning and see it as more than a means of scoring in exams. Type A Students see learning as a lifelong pursuit.

If you are this type of student you have discovered the importance of education and will do well over the long term because you set goals and work towards achieving them. You plan study time-tables, set time aside for recreation. Many of this type of students master a musical instrument, do well in sports, excel in activities that involve thinking skills. You are well-balanced and are an achiever.

You view doing well as a reward in itself. Such students must learn to relax before major exams. Because they have studied consistently throughout the year, they should take it easy. Do not try to over study. This could have negative results as you may become anxious. You'll be surprised how the human mind is able to pick out information it has stored. People like you have really performed throughout the year so you have stored valuable information that you will recall when necessary.

You must learn to clear your mind and do relaxation exercises. You could read something amusing, see a humorous video or think about what you'd like to do after the exams. Not only will this relax you but it will give you a certain amount of pleasure.


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