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Type C Student

The Type C Student studies very hard, wants to succeed and is serious about his/ her work but because of a variety of factors fails to do as well as he/she expects. Never daunted, such students try and try and many finally succeed because they won't give up hope. Diligence pays for many in this category. Extra tuition classes, group learning, a conscientious Buddy can be of great help to such students.

If you are this type of student don't give up. Speak to your subject teachers, find out why you are not performing as well as expected, what areas you are weak in, the kind of help you need. Ask your parents or older siblings for assistance or try to get a good tutor who maps out a course especially designed to help you maximize your time and effort. It is also important to see that you are doing the subjects you can handle.

They may be slower than others but they eventually catch up and may do better than the Type 8 Student who does not put sufficient effort into his/her work. You often hear people say'. "I did not think he could have done so well for himself". Well you may not have known how hard such a person worked for his/her well-deserved success.

Always remember that if you can identify your strengths, know the subject you are good at, pursue a course that you have aptitude for, you will succeed. Failure should not be seen as a stumbling block; see it as a challenge to be overcome and conquered. This kind of spirit will help you succeed. BUT know your limitations. Don't be over ambitious or try to achieve the impossible. Be realistic and you will succeed.


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