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Oversea Study - When You Get there

Being away from home will inevitably make you feel lonely. To alleviate these feelings, surround yourself with things that remind you of the familiar. They can be photographs of your loved ones or favorite possessions like your guitar or even your pillow! Be open to making new friends. You will meet many international students like yourself.

Seize the chance to learn about each other's culture and develop positive friendships. If you live with other housemates, learn, to give and take with each other. Communicate openly about house rules-this will avoid misunderstandings and discomfort in your own home. Familiarise yourself with the bus or train routes and how you would get to school from your home. Spend within your means.

Give yourself an allowance each month-this way, you will learn to manage your money without getting into any financial discomfort. Call home regularly. Scout around for the cheapest international calling card. It is a much more economical option rather than calling straight from your mobile or landline. Practice safety. Do not walk in dimly lit places a' night. Be alert especially when you are travelling on your own.


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