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Things To Take Note Of While Preparing For Oversea Study

Before Going For Oversea Study Take Note Of The Following

  • If the country of your choice requires a visa, it is vital that you get it done. A visa is an official authorisation appended to your passport that permits you to enter and travel within the country of your choice. This is crucial as without it, you will be refused entry.
  • If the visa you are granted is an electronic visa, be sure to print it out and keep a hard copy with you.
  • Be sure that your passport is valid throughout the period of your intended stay This will save you unnecessary trouble from the immigration department overseas and visits to the Embassy.
  • Go for a medical check-up. It is better to certify that you are in the pink of health before embarking on a brand new chapter of your life.
  • Be sure to have insurance coverage in the country of your choice. In the event that you fall sick or face any medical issues, your insurance would cover the bulk of the cost, if not all.
  • Be sure to speak to your travel agent about purchasing a student airfare ticket. Most airlines offer one-year open ticket for students which cost a few hundred less than a normal priced ticket.
  • Do your research on banks that you might want to open an account with when you are overseas. Do they have a special account for students? Student accounts normally come free of service charges. This will save you some money.
  • Speak to your parents on how they will be giving you money each month A common way is to send an electronic transfer to your overseas bank account Alternatively you could use international bank cheques (demand draft). If you choose to go with the latter, be sure to get it done at a local bank before you depart.
  • Confirm your accommodation before you leave-you do not want to find yourself out on the streets the first day you arrive in a foreign country.

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