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How To Survive Your Freshman Year?

Find out what to get excited about (and watch out for) as you head to college. Recent grad tells us more.

Building A Reputation Since you're starting fresh and no one knows anything about you, first impressions really stick. Like, if you hook up with a lot when you first get to school, people will think you're like that all the time. So be sure to act the way you want to be seen.

Meeting Guys There are tons of parties and no curfews. So you have the freedom to hang out with whoever - whenever. Without parents making you keep the door open, things can get carried away. But just because you have the privacy to hook up (and he's being sweet) doesn't mean he wants to be your boyfriend. College guys are experiencing freedom for the first time too and don't necessarily want to get tied down yet. It would be wise to practice restraint and keep yourself safe.

Managing Schoolwork You get to pick what classes to take and when to take them. Like, if you're not a morning person, you can schedule all your classes for the afternoon. And if you don't make it to lecture one day, well, there's usually no one taking attendance. When you have hundreds of pages of reading but no parents nagging you to do it, no teachers collecting homework, and no tests till midsemester, it's really easy to fall behind. So make weekly deadlines and write them on a huge calendar. It's a constant reminder to stay on top of your work.

What To Avoid

Bad Credit At school you'll get a lot of credit card offers that let you "buy now" and "pay later." But if you can't pay your bill once it comes, you'll get bad credit. That means it'll be hard to get a car or house loan once you actually need one. So try a debit card - money comes from your bank account, so you can't overpaid!

Weight Gain Staying out for the first time and hanging out for supper mean weight gain for lots of girls. If you didn't eat second (or third) helpings at home, don't start now!

Bad Judgment It's easy to get caught up at parties and drink a lot. But it can mess up your judgment and make you do things you'll regret. If you stay sober, you'll be safer.


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