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Admissions Do's And Don't

Admission officers from top college spill the secrets (anonymously, of course!) to getting into their "yes" piles.


Do: Attach A Resume "A one-page resume that gives more detail about your achievements is helpful-and not overwhelming to read."

Do: Include Insightful Letters "Get recommendations from people who know you well. A generic one from Bill Gates is less impressive than a great one from your bio teacher."

Do Not: Wait Until The Last Minute "Get your application in early. I read them as they come in, so I spend more time on the ones that I receive first."

Do Not: Send Extra Materials "A million items that we didn't ask for, like 10 extra recommendations, are a waste to include. I never have time to read any of it:"


Do: Share A Personal Story "Write about a topic that is unique and meaningful to you - heartfelt stories stand out and are written better."

Do: Remember To Proofread "Essays with misspellings and grammatical errors are ones that I ignore. Typos usually indicate that you'll be a careless student as well:"

Do Not: Force Dramatic Stories "You must be honest. Essays that are written just to pull on our heartstrings end up sounding fake and insincere."

Do: Not: Keep Using The Same One "When an essay doesn't answer our specific question, I know it's an all-purpose one-which shows a lack of real interest in our school."


Do: Research The School "If you can talk about the school's mission, programmes of study, and campus life, it shows you genuinely want to come her."

Do: Ask A Lot Of Questions "I like to see applicants come with a list of questions. It makes them look thoughtful and inquisitive and both are great qualities in a student."

Do Not: Arrive Even A little Late "When students show up late, it's a huge mark against them - it tells me they have no respect for me or any time."

Do Not: Dress Casually "Don't wear jeans or clothes that reveal a lot of skin - you want to look professional and show that you take your education seriously."


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