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Sharing  your knowledge with others is a great gift that can be financially and personally rewarding. If you want to start writing better today, you need to learn how to structure your articles such that they are easy to read and understand. Here are several key questions you can ask yourself that may assist you in creating that perfect article: What Do You Know About Your Topic?

List on a piece of paper all the different aspects of your topic. You may create a map of your brainstorming process to identify major headings or important points. This map will also help you locate sub points for each major heading.

Who Will Use The Information?

Make a list of the kinds of people who will be interested in your topic. Also make a list of your existing readers and consider how to write your article in a way that will also appeal to them.

Why Will They Use It?

Is your article just for information? Will it help your target audience to do their job better? Will it boost their productivity? Will their lives be easier as a result of them knowing your information? Consider all these questions before you begin writing. You can facilitate the audience's understanding of your article by explaining the main points in the title or first sentence of your text.

What Tips Can You Give Your Audience About Your Knowledge?

Try and turn your information into concise tips that people can apply straight away in their respective situations.

What Kind Of Opening And Closing Paragraphs Should You Use?

In the first paragraph or sentence, state the premise of your article. In the closing paragraph or sentence remind your audience of the main points.

What Kind Of Reader Action Do You Hope To Elicit From The Article?

In the closing paragraph, you might like to suggest some action that readers can take to apply the new knowledge they have obtained or to improve their understanding.     You might like to provide websites that they can review, other titles or texts to read, or suggestions on what to do with the information that they now know.


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