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What To Do When A Disaster Strikes?

They will probably be many casualties when a disaster strikes. Those who are injured will have to be transported to the hospital or medical centre for treatment. If you do your part to render first aid assistance, you will help the injured alleviate their pain and suffering before proper medical care is available.

How To Stop Bleeding

When blood escape from its vessels, this is know as bleeding or haemorrhage. It is very serious if blood is allow to escape from the vessel without doing anything to stop it. If the injured is bleeding profusely, you should direct pressure method to arrest the blood flow so that it prevent the blood from flowing out from the wound.

Applying Direct Pressure

One of the most effective and fast ways of stopping severe bleeding in any part of the body is to place the fingers or palm over the bleeding area and apply direct pressure. This will stop the bleeding after a while. If there is a foreign body in the wound or if a fracture is suspected, don't use this method. To prevent risk of introducing germs into the wound, remember to place a clean piece of material like gauze or  lint over the wound before you start applying the pressure.


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