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Chemical Incidents

We make use chemicals for many things in our life. But, if there is an overdose of these chemicals, or if it is used under the wrong conditions, will cause undesirable health effects.

Symptoms Of Chemical Poisoning

  • Lack of coordination and clumsy
  • Irritated skin, throat or eyes
  • Stomach diarrhea or cramps
  • Headaches, blurred vision dizziness
  • Skin color changes for no reason
  • Breathing will be difficult

If Someone Is Exposed To A Chemical

  • Never try to administer first aid on him/her unless you are sure that it is safe to do so.
  • Remove and place any contaminated clothing, shoes and other accessories in a plastic bag.
  • Cleanse the person with cool, running water over the eyes or skin for at least 15 minutes. Only do so if it is safe to use water on the particular chemical involved.
  • If water is not available. Ask the person to close his/her eyes and gently brush the chemical off the skin away from you and the victim.
  • Never apply any medication on the wound. Always seek medical attention immediately.

To Prevent Chemical Incidents From Happening In Your Home:

  • Keep all household chemicals, cosmetics, medication  etc. out of sight and should be placed high to prevent the children from reaching it.
  • Always read the instructions on the container before attempting to use any chemical, especially if it is a new product that you just buy.
  • Never mix common household chemicals together.
  • Label correctly and clearly. Store the chemicals properly and do not buy more than what is needed.
  • Never smoke while using any household chemicals.
  • Never use spray, cleaning solutions, insecticides or paint products near any ignition source, e.g. opening on gas stove, lighted candle, heated stove, etc.
  • If there is any spillage of chemical, clean up immediately using some rags. While cleaning, ensure to protect your eyes and skin.

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