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Enhancing Your Survivablity If Trapped Under Debris/Rubble

General Guidelines If You Are Trapped

  • Stay put and protect your head and face against shattered glass or falling objects by grabbing a coat, blanket, mewspapers, box, etc.
  • Move away from hazardous areas or unstable objects, and if possible, put on a pair of sturdy shoes to protect your fee* against broken glass.
  • Brace yourself against the walls without glass windows or mounted shelves. Crawl under a sturdy table, desk or bed as that will provide you with air space and protection against falling objects.
  • If you are in a safe area, stay there. Do not attempt to use stairs or elevators as there are dangers like falling debris, damaged stairways or exits, and power outages in elevators or stairwells.
  • Use a flashlight to attract attention. Do not turn on a light switch, do not light a match, fire, gas stove, etc. unless do-you are sure there is no danger of gas leakage.
  • If you are pinned down by debris, periodically move your fingers and toes to ensure blood circulation and to prevent "economy-class" syndrome - blood clog.
  • Maintain a high morale by thinking of your loved ones. That will keep your quest for survival and fighting spirits high.
  • Keep calm and alert and respond to rescuers' calls. Do not shout unnecessarily as you may weaken yourself completely.
  • Attract rescuers' attention with a flashlight or by calling out if you are sure someone is around.
  • Consume food and water from the refrigerator if it is near you. If you need to eat and drink from an open source, beware of shattered glass and other debris in it. Moderate your consumption to enable you to last longer.

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