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What To Do When There Is An Obstructed Airway Of A Conscious Adult?

  1. Firstly, ask the victim if he is choking
  2. Most likely he he would be displaying the 'Universal Distress Signal' of choking: clasping the neck with the thumb and index fingers.
  3. If he is able to speak, breath or cough, never interfere with his attempts to expel the foreign object, If he is not able to speak, breathe or cough, perform the abdominal thrusts until foreign object is expelled.
  4. Stand behind the victim. Wrap your arms around the waist. Grasp one fist with your other hand and place thumb side of your fist in the midline slightly above the navel. Press your fist into victim's abdomen with quick inward and upward thrusts. Each abdominal thrust should be delivered decisively, with the intention of relieving the obstruction.
  5. If the victim is in late pregnancy or is obese perform chest thrust. Stand behind the victim and place your arms under the victim's armpits to encircle the chest. Grasp one fist with other hand and place thumb side on the middle of the victim's breastbone. Press with quick backward thrusts.
  6. Should the victim become unconscious, proceed to steps taken in objected airway of an unconscious adult.

What To Do When There Is An Obstructed Airway Of An Unconscious Adult?

  1. Turn the victim onto his back carefully supporting his head and neck. Shout for help to call for an ambulance.
  2. Open the mouth using the tongue-haw lift technique. Remove any foreign object you see in victim's mouth with your fingers.
  3. Open his airway by tilting his head back and lifting his chin upwards and check breathing.
  4. If not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth ventilation.
  5. If chest does not rise, reposition victim's head and re-attempt to ventilate (2nd ventilation).
  6. If chest does not rise again, give 15 chest compressions.
  7. Hand position for chest thrust is the same as chest compression performed in CPR.
  8. Repeat doing tongue-jaw lift and check the mouth. Remove any foreign object if seen.
  9. Open airway and check breathing.
  10. Repeat step 6 to step 8 if necessary until successful.

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