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Transporting Casualties

Where materials are not available for improvising a stretcher, you may have to transport casualties the 'manual' way. Depending on the situation, there are several methods you can use:

How To Transport Casualties Without Using A Stretcher?

Human Crutch

This method is used to move victims who are conscious and able to walk with some assistance. Hold him firmly around the waist and use your shoulders to support his arm, while he rests his body weight on you.

Fireman's Lift

This is suitable for victims who are lightweight, and either conscious of uncnnscious. Stoop low, bend the victim over your shoulders and lift him up. For more stability, wrap your arm around his leg as you hold his arm aver your chest.


If a victim is conscious, lightweight and able to hold using her arms, this is an excellent method of transporting. You should ensure stability in this position by firmly grasping the victim behind the knees, with her arms held together securely across your chest.

Cradle Method

Use this method if the casualty 1s a child or a lightweight adult. The victim will be in the most comfortable position if you slip your arms tinder her thighs and shoulders.

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