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Natural Emergencies

If You Are Indoors

  • Close windows and draw blinds to be safe from strong wind and lightning.
  • Avoid using telephones, electrical appliances (except lights), running water for baths, etc.

If You Are Outdoors

  • If possible, get to a low-lying flood-free area.
  • Do not lie flat on the ground but squat low to the ground with hands on your knees and your head between them.
  • Do not use areas damaged by the storm.
  • If swimming or boating, stop and get to land immediately.
  • If you are in the woods/forests, take shelter under shorter trees.

If You See Someone Stuck By Lightning

  • If it is safe, give first aids and if you are trained, apply CPR, if the breathing has stopped.
  • Call the police (giving name and location) for assistance.


If You Are At Home

  • Be ready to evacuate immediately if the police advises you to do so.
  • Move to higher ground away from open areas, streams and storm drains.

If You Are In A Car

  • Be alert to signs of flooding.
  • If your car stalls in rapidly rising water, abandon it immediately and try to reach higher ground.


When A Tremor Occurs

  • Keep calm.
  • Take cover under a desk, table or against interior walls. Stay away from windows, outside doors or walls, display shelves and anything that could fall and hurt you, like lighting, furniture or fixtures.
  • If you are outdoors, stay away from buildings and overhead electrical cables. Remain in the open until the tremor stops.
  • If you are driving, stop as quickly as safety permits. Stay in your vehicle. Avoid stopping near or under trees, buildings, bridges, overpasses or overhead electrical cables.

After The Tremor Stops

  • Do not touch any damaged electrical wiring.
  • Give help to those who are injured or who require your assistance.
  • Check your home for any structural defects and alert relevant authorities.

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