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Color Yourself Healthy, Wealthy And Loved

Become familiar with colors that can enhance your potential (and those that can detract, too). Use your lucky colors for house and office colors, the color of your car, and even clothes.

Color is especially important when used to balance out the five elements. Color creates harmony, which creates good feng shui. But caution should be used. For example, red is the color best known for attracting anything and is the strongest and most powerful color of all.

But, if it is used in the wrong location or if it is not lucky for your special Kua number, it can be detrimental to your health. A little red can always be used, such as splashes of red here and there, but of course, not a lot If your color is gold, you can use lots of the color gold, but not much green. Green is unfavorable to your health, because it is opposite your color on the PaKua and therefore unfavorable to a gold persons health. Red is beneficial to you if your color is gold.

You can mix red and gold together, but remember, it should be placed in the South or West, as your Kua number is #2, with the color gold. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the PaKua, your element and best directions so you know which colors are beneficial to you, and which ones are to be avoided.


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