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Pay Attention To Directions


Represents the flow of energy for earning money and should be activated with the color blue and the element of water. North is considered cold and damp. It is the wintertime, when things lay dormant. Water produces wealth. We cannot live without water.We also cannot live without having money in our lives, so this section is very important to both our health and wealth. Water fountains, fish tanks and even a picture with the view of water are all important ways to enhance the earning of money.

If you are an East group person, you can have your door facing north. It is not a good direction, howeve, if you are a West group person. North can be activated to bring in money for both East and West people. It may be a little confusing, but as time goes by and you as you become more familiar with feng shui, you will have a better understanding of the elements with the directions and colors. Feng Shui is such a deep subject you cannot possibly get all the information from any book, but it is a beginning.


Represents the flow of energy for knowledge and should be activated with the color gold. The earth element is for the Northeast section. The earth element represents wisdom, honesty, and reliability. Placing clay, crystals or a bookcase in this section will encourage the gathering of knowledge. Place a photo here of the school you wish your child to attend.


Represents the flow of energy for your health and well-being. This element rules springtime. It is the time of year when all plants and things in the earth come to life. The sun rises in the East. Wood is the element that helps us to stay healthy. If you do not have enough green plants or living things in your environment, you will not feel alive. Green plants or a nice bamboo plant placed in this section helps you achieve a happy, healthy life.


The section of the wood element. This section represents the money or wealth section of the home. In this section of the house, it is very important to place a flourishing green plant, a small fountain or fish tank, and a red envelope containing some coins. If you are an East group person, you could paint this wall green.


The section for the flow of fire energy. We could not live long without sunlight. Fire and South represents the sun, and the heat created by the sun. This is energy created during the summer months of the year. American Indians realized the value of fire, which is a regular part of their ceremonies. The Kitchen is of the fire energy. It represents the stove, without which we could not eat properly. The fireplace in your home is considered part of the fire energy when lit. This section represents the energy we send out to the world and what we get in return in the form of fame, success, wealth and recognition.


This is the flow of the earth and symbolizes one of the most important elements, your marriage or relationship. Everyone is looking for a good relationship if they do not already have one. Sometimes it seems this is the hardest thing of all to come together. The colors to place here are yellows and gold tones. Use a pair of things, like mandarin ducks or crystal swans.

Anything crystal in this corner helps to activate your romance or love life. Mandarin ducks have brightly colored plumage and a crested head. I have done many feng shui consultations for people who are single and want a relationship. When I go into their homes, I commonly see an abundance of single things: single people in pictures, one bird, one candle, a single flower, and so on. Things should be grouped in pairs to set the stage for a good relationship.


Represents the flow of energy for your childrens health, their schooling and overall well-being. This is where the metal element rules, and the color white, which is considered pure. Placing copper, brass or other metals in this area helps to balance out this section. Metal is the element that needs to be balanced the most in order to feel in harmony with life. Venus rules this element, and as you know, too much Venus or too little throws us off balance. Most business offices have too much metal and are often out of balance due to the fact they do not have enough green plants and other elements to offset the metal.


It is also of the metal element. This area is the section that rules our benefactors or mentors. Place a metal statue in this area to give you support, or an image (in an attractive metal frame) of a person who can help your career.

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