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Fifth Elements

Wood Element

The Wood Element also represents the Southeast. The color is also green or jade. This section represents the wealth of the family and saving money. The Kua number is Four. If you wish to have money, activate this section by placing green plants, a red envelope with a few coins inside, and since the element of water is beneficial to the wood element, you can also place a small fountain or fish tank in this location.

Fire Element

The Fire Element represents the South section. The color for South is the color red. It represents your ability to become famous. Souths Kua number is Nine. If you wish to become well known and successful in your field, activate this section by placing a horse, turtle, or elephant (with the trunk up) in this area. You can also place a world globe in this section of the house. The globe placed here and twirled from time to time will insure your work goes around the world.

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