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Activate Your Wealth Corner - Southeast

The wealth or money corner is the Southeast section of a room or house. You must also activate the North section, as this represents the career section that brings in money. You can place a small red envelope with a few coins of money in the southeast section.

Crystals cannot be placed in this section unless it is citrine. Crystals are unlucky in the Southeast except for citrine. Citrine will enhance your money energy. As this section represents the wood element, thriving green plants placed here will also increase your opportunities for increasing your income. Using the North element of water in your Southeast section in the form of goldfish tanks, or small water fountains will also bring luck with finances.

There are different formulas and methods for better living and working conditions. Irrespective of the methods used, all symbols bring the same results. The southeast section is the most important to activate when you want to improve your financial situation. The wood element is at home in this area, so bring in a lush green plant. Make sure this area is filled with a bright light.

Metal should never be placed in this area except for a few coins in a red envelope.


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