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Marrige And Romance Corner - Southwest

Feng Shui can enhance your love or married life. If your love life is inactive, you will see a change in your luck when this part of the house is activated. If you feel that your marriage needs reviving, this is a sure corner to work on and activate immediately. The section that rules marriage and romance is the Southwest corner of your home. You can also activate the southwest corner in each room, placing fresh flowers there. If you cannot place fresh flowers weekly in the home, artificial or silk flowers will do). You will find that fresh flowers provide much better energy.

Never, never use dried flowers or have dying flowers or plants around. Dead or dying flowers have a very negative influence wherever they are placed. Cacti, or thorny or prickly plants, can cause arguments among family members. Luxuriant green plants with large leaves placed around the house bring good energy, but be careful about placing too much green in this corner. This corner is of the earth element, and plants (considered to be wood) are not an inherently beneficial element.

Placing a pair of crystal swans or mandarin ducks or a pair of anything in this section will activate love or romance. Crystal is the primary element for the southwest section, so anything made with crystal would be better.

Bathrooms should never be located in this section of the house. A bathroom here is a sure sign of problems in a marriage. If a bathroom is located in this section and you have other bathrooms in the house, use the others and try not to use this one. Place a mirror on the door and keep the door closed at all times with the toilet seat down.

If you find that you have been happy in your marriage until you move to a new location, the feng shui at your new location is probably not as good as your previous one. Mirrors should never be placed in the bedroom by the side of the bed, at the foot of the bed or over the bed. Having a mirror reflecting the bed is a sure indicator of problems between couples. Mirrors should be placed in the dressing room or bathrooms, not in the bedroom.

Water is detrimental to the marriage corner. As the element for the marriage section is earth, water is the worst element to be placed here. Having water on the right hand side of your front door as you look out is another sign for problems in the marriage. The left side of the door is sometimes lucky for water at the side of your front door, but only if your front door faces north, east or southeast. East is of the wood element and water is beneficial to wood. North is the direction of the water element, so placement in this section is fortunate. Water placed on the west section of the house is very unlucky.


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