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What Is Feng Shui?

The subject of Feng Shui is actually far more profound than the popular belief that it is a kind of mystic interior design.It is the art and science of living and working in the right environment. Feng Shui is concerned with the flow and circulation of vital energy called "Chi" and is the interplay of the Yin and Yang within the five elements. Feng Shui is the intertwining between people, places and the interactions of energies.

The universe is a vast field of energy. Feng Shui is the study of this energy and how it moves through the universe and affects us directly and indirectly. Modern science of Electrophysics is beginning to realize the interaction of electromagnetic energies between the earth and humans. These electromagnetic energies are the Chi lines running through the veins of the earth,thus creating energy for the earth and the people who live upon it.

Although Feng has been practiced in the Eastern hemisphere for thousands of years, it is relatively new to western civilization. Feng Shui may seem mysterious and foreign to our western culture, but it is actually a very sensible collection of ideas and actions. Once you understand its principles, you will be able to produce harmony, comfort and balance in almost any situation or environment.

In this new world of modern technology, this, too, is changing. More and more people are connecting and working with their computers through the Internet, giving them the ability to work from a home in the countryside. This will almost certainly produce healthier individuals. We have almost forgotten how important exposure to nature is to our health and well-being.

Feng Shui is a reminder to pay attention to the revitalizing effect nature has on our inner being. Feng shui teaches us that certain places have better energy than others. Living near nature is a sure sign of having better health, and gives us energy, vitality and the zest for living. Once feng shui principles are implemented, we feel healthy, alive and filled with energy.


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