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Feng Shui Tips

You must not have sharp pointed objects from the outside or inside pointing toward you as you work or sleep. Sharp points inside can come from corners of tables, bookshelves, and sharp objects hanging on your walls (ornamental swords, for example). Outside your home or office, things like houses, buildings, church steeples, telephone poles, street lights and power lines can provide poison arrows. Guarding against all of these things plays an important part in staying healthy, happy and succeeding in your business and personal life.

Maintaining good chi energy in both your home and business is the source of peace and prosperity. Having too much fast, flowing energy is as bad as not having enough. All things need to have balance. Too many windows or doors arent good for a home, nor too few.

Crystals are beneficial for the marriage or romantic section, the southwest section of your home. A pair of crystal swans placed in the marriage section ensures happiness in your love or married life.

Healthy green plants in the wealth and health section and fresh flowers in the marriage section will enhance your love life. Flowers are also beneficial for the marriage section, as are green and flowering plants for the wealth and health sections.

Be sure to keep all plants and flowers fresh and alive. Do not keep any dried or dead plants around the house. They create negative energy, bringing bad luck and poor health.

Your bedroom should be airy and have good circulation. If you do not have good circulation in your bedroom, buy a Vornado fan and turn it on low. You cannot hear it running and it circulates the air for you while you sleep.


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