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Health And Family Corner - East

Activating the health section can certainly help your health. If you are having health problems, place a bamboo plant on the east side of the house and make sure to keep this space clean and uncluttered.

You can also buy a small little carved gourd called a wu lou and place it in this section. If you are an earth person, buy a crystal one; if you are a wood person, be sure to buy a wood one. If you are a water person, place a container with water in this section. If you are a fire person, place something with a little red (not too much) in this section to improve your health.

Choosing A Comfortable Living Place With Fengshui Methods

Choosing A House

Intending to buy a house or apartment? Home fengshui is one of important aspects for those who are intending to occupy that building. Here are some tips to choose a house from fengshui glasses.

Tip 1: Environment Around The House

The environment around your house must be harmonious. This means, clean place and located in a comfortable position. It should be far from garbage disposal. Not surrounded by tall buildings, on the right and left sides, even in front side. Plants surround the building are fresh and fertile.

Tip 2: Land Contour

A good living place's fengshui is located on a land contour that ascends backward, not the other way. A house that is on descending backward land contour is believed able to decrease inhabitant's prosperity. It is important to know if the lot has been filled with soil. See if the house in front of you has higher land contour which makes your house is located lower.

Tip 3: Plot Of Land Form

Rectangle is a good plot of land form. This form is good if length rear and less suggested if the width of front house is longer than the depth. Length rear plot of land form is often enthused, but should not minimize rear. Unsymmetrical form is not so profitably. Notice that unsymmetrical form, if it's penetrating sharply into the plot of land then it's a harmful condition.

Tip 4: Main Entrance Direction

The direction of main entrance should appropriate with good direction of family head (male and female). That's why we have to look from Kua of this family head. For male, the formula is (100-birth year)/9, the remainder is the Kua. For female, the formula is (birth year-4)/9, the remainder is the Kua. Kua 2,5,6,7, and 8 are included in West group and the direction will be West, North West, South West or North East. Kua 1,3,4, and 9 are included in East group and the direction should be East, North, South or South East.

Here Are The Calculation Examples

  • The Kua of birth male 1953 is (100-53)/9 remains 2 (West).
  • The Kua of birth female 1977 is (77-4)/9 remains 1 (East)

Tip 5: Interior Position

There are several important principles in interior positioning. Particularly are kitchen must not located in North sector (north is water symbol while kitchen is fire), bathroom / toilet must not located in south sector (south is fire symbol while bathroom / toilet is water). Besides that, position of stairs, kitchen or bathroom / toilet should not in the middle of house. Avoid entrance that is directly facing stairs, kitchen door or bathroom / toilet door.

Tip 6: Building Form

Simple and symmetric building form is better than irregular building form and various main forms. If half of the building is terraced, then the level position should be at the back of building, not the other hand.

Tip 7: Time Dimension

Timing of purchasing house and inhabiting building is important thing. It's better not to do important activity in bad years. Bad couples are snake-pig, dragon-dog, rabbit-chicken, tiger-monkey, ox-goat and rat-horse.

Tip 8: Rely On Your Intuition

After considering 7 tips above, the last to consider is to rely on your own intuition. When you see the wanted building, notice all building aspects from outside to inside and try to feel if the house will suit you. You can quickly find out and sense if you feel click with that building. This first impression is important to pay attention on.

Choosing An Apartment

Traffic jam is always being the main reason that makes executives rethink to shorten their journey from living place to work place. For them, aphorism "time is money" is indeed valid. Alternative way using helicopter to work place is still quite expensive even though that service is markedly offered. The other alternative that is cheaper and easier is shortening the distance between living place and work place. As you can see, there are many apartments built near business or office centers. The executives take this alternative as the solution.

Determining Factors

2 determining factors in choosing an apartment are outside and inside apartment environment.

Determine Factor 1

Outside environment included landscape, roadway, traffic pattern, parking facility and other buildings around.

  • Notice if any threatening objects (transmission tower, billboard, high voltage electricity, highway, freeway, antenna)
  • Look for objects that bring advantageous energy (chi), such as : garden, fountain, water fall, trees, grass, and rounded shape pond.
  • Notice the land next to apartment. Graveyard, hospital, religious service place, power plant station, garbage disposal aren't beneficial if close to the apartment.

Determine Factor 2

Inside apartment

  • Apartment entrance. Wide entrance with fountain and plant and far from traffic is more beneficial than corridor and narrow entrance.
  • Position, elevator position, building form, stairs and exit stairs position will affect much in choosing an apartment.

After choosing with 2 criteria above, the next step is looking for apartment position inside building. There are some issues that are disadvantaging:

  • Narrow exit stairs
  • Irregular apartment form. The developer will build apartment that has window out.
  • Apartment entrance that facing stairs or elevator.
  • Located next to stairs or elevator.
  • Located in the end of corridor. The positive energy (chi) decreases in the end of corridor.
  • Choosing floor more than half of floor number. For example : the apartment has 42 floors, then choose apartment under floor 21. Positive energy tends to go up while negative energy usually in down. Top floors are disadvantageous because of their less protection, even higher floor is expensive (selling view).
  • Irregular apartment floor form.

Choosing A Villa

Owning a villa is a pride. But you have to be careful in choosing or building a villa. Here are some guidelines to own desired villa:

  1. Don't choose a villa that is uppermost or the lowest, but find the one in mountainside.
  2. Avoid the one that has gorge at the back.
  3. Choose the one that has lake in front side.
  4. If there's a waterfall, choose the one on the left or right side of villa.
  5. Should not build swimming pool in your villa because could be disadvantageous to your marriage.
  6. Don't plant thorny trees (such as bougainvillea, cactus or rose) right in front of villa.

So, which one do you choose?


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