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Activate Your Fame Section – South

Activating the fame section helps bring you fame, whether it is in the business world or the arts.

If you are an artist, writer or musician, activating this section can help increase your chances for recognition and success. Painting this section of the house red will be beneficial for attaining success and fame. Placing a horse, turtle or elephant in this area assures that you will have strength and power to complete your projects. You can have all three objects to make sure you have strength and determination to achieve success.

Keep this area well lit, the brighter it is, the better. If you wish to become famous, put a world globe in this area and twirl it from time to time. Whatever you have to send out will go to all parts of the world.

Never have water flowing in this area, in the form of a fountain or sink. This is not a good placement for a bathroom, either. If you have a bath in this area, be sure not to use it if your desire is to become famous.


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