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Your Element And Its Relationship To Colors

If you know your element, it will help you decorate by identifying the best placement of things and the best colors so that you can achieve overall harmony and well-being.

Wood - Green

If you are a wood element person, you can benefit from using lots of greens, blues, blacks and some reds, but not yellow, gold or white. Use plants and water in your home, but be careful as to the placement of these elements. They belong in the North, South or East section of your home.

Fire - Red

Fire element people can use lots of reds, greens and blues, but not too much white, gold or yellow. White is a detrimental color for fire, wood or water elements. It causes misunderstandings between family members and friends. It can also cause loss of income. Use lots of the color green, including green plants, and you will see an increase in your financial status.

In fact, after red, green is the most important color to be used in your home. Blue is also beneficial, as it enhances the quality of your life by creating harmonious conditions for good relationships between family members and friends. Blue is also a good color to use to help attract partners if you are single. If you have single children in your home, it helps attract a lucky and happy marriage for them.

Earth - Gold, Yellow

If you are an Earth element person, you can have a lot of gold and yellows in your home, in addition to some browns and reds. Avoid an abundance of green, blue or black as these colors are detrimental to your health. Crystals and crystal chandeliers are beneficial in different locations within the home. In fact, I am an earth element and have every room painted yellow, except for one wall which is red. Red is a beneficial color for Earth people.

Metal - White

If you are a metal element person, white, silver and metallic tones are your colors. Yellow and gold are also beneficial to your element. Use all of these colors in your decorating. Green is the worst color you can have in your home if you are a metal person.

Water - Blue or Black

If you are a water person, take care not to have too much yellow, gold or white in your home. Blue and black are your overall harmony colors, but you can use greens, blues and some red. As a water person, with too many gold or yellow colors, all sorts of unlucky things can happen. Yellow or gold are your worst colors.

Green is a good color, and lucky if you are either water or wood element. Plants and water fountains are very helpful to the element of wood. The water element can be placed in the North section of the home or the Southeast section. Never place water in the West or Southwest section of the home.


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