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A Few Precautions


Mirrors are among the most useful remedies, but they must be used in the proper location for mirrors. Never use square mirror tiles that adhere to walls they break up images and are considered unhealthy. Never hang a PaKua mirror inside your home. It must be on the outside of a window or door to deflect poison arrows.Keep them away from your bed and out of your bedroom altogether, if possible. Keep them in good repair if they are old, they may need to be re-silvered so that the reflected image doesnt show the mirrors flaws. Never have mirrors hung to where they are too low and cut your head off or you cannot see your head.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers and arrangements are very unhealthy to have in your environment. They are dead, and consequently have that meaning wherever they are placed. Use fresh flowers (but keep the water fresh and dispose of when they start to wilt) or silk flowers instead. Scented potpourri is dried flowers and should not be used in the home.


Water can be very beneficial, but it can also be detrimental if it is placed in the wrong area. Be sure to follow the tips in this book. Any dripping water from faucets, drains, roofs, etc., will drain your resources. Water problems should be fixed immediately, as they are very detrimental to your financial health.


Burned-out light bulbs should always be replaced immediately, as they are very detrimental to healthy chi. It is a good idea to keep replacement bulbs on hand so that you are never without light!

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