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Find Your Lucky Kua Number

Knowing your Kua number is one of the most important aspects in helping you identify your best colors and directions. The directions and colors are different for each person. There are four good locations and four bad locations for each person. Once you know your Kua number everything else falls into place. Your Kua number is part of the PaKua. A PaKua is the compass instrument used since the ancient times to locate the placement of things for health, harmony, and wealth. It is an eight-sided octagon listing the eight trigrams from the I Ching and numbers from the magic square.

(If you were born early in the year, please note that you may have to adjust your year of birth to determine your Kua number, as your birth date may fall before Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year begins at different times each year, always after the first New Moon in Aquarius somewhere between January 21st and Feb. 19th).

As you get further into Feng Shui you will need to know which two groups you belong in, West or East groups. When you begin to decorate your home with your best colors and good directions you need this information. Listed below are the two groups with their different directions, EAST or WEST.

The EAST Group Includes These Kua Numbers

  • 3 East
  • 4 Southeast
  • 1 North
  • 9 South

WEST Group Consists Of These Kua Numbers

  • 2 Southwest
  • 6 Northwest
  • 7 West
  • 8 Northeast

There are also five elements to consider: Metal, Wood, Fire Earth and Water. Each Kua number and direction also has an element.


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