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Feng Shui For Your Children

Children are always growing and are usually full of energy. It is thus best to use more yang than yin features in bedrooms for children. This means more light and more noise. Avoid hanging fierce looking pictures or figurines like wide animals. Bad placement of the bed and study desk will cause problems to the childs health and performance in school. For children, the sitting and sleeping directions are the two vital factors in getting feng shui right.

Arrange your childrens bed to face their Fu Wei direction. Focus on the desk. Make sure they are tapping their Fu Wei direction when they are studying or doing homework.

Some Things To Take Into Consideration When Arranging The Study Room

  • Do not place the desk with a window or a door behind the chair
  • Do not have a tress growing too near to your childs bedroom
  • Do not have a protruding air-conditioner or exposed beam on top of the desk
  • Avoid sharp edges of cupboards, pillars and protruding corners
  • Do not place have open shelves in the bedroom.
  • Do not place the study desk between the door and window

Feng Shui Enhancers For Study Luck

  • Place a crystal globe in the NE of the room. Turn the crystal globe 3 times a day
  • Place a 7 level pagoda in the NE of the study desk to bring good examination luck
  • Give your child a personal crystal point. The crystal should sit on the study desk when he/she is studying, and under the pillow when he/she is sleeping. Place it on the study desk while studying. Your child should carry it into exams.
  • Place 5 different colors of glitter lamps in the NE sector of the bedroom to activate for study luck.

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