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Six Fengshui Tips For You

  • Do not complain all the time as you will be creating 'shar shi' (negative energy).
  • You should always walk with confidence and dress well. Look at the people around you and you will know who are those who will succeed in life and who couldn't.
  • Do not sleep with the toilet door directly opposite your bed. The reason is the negative shi coming from the toilet will flow to you where you are sleeping and you will be breathing in the bad chi. It is very bad for health.
  • Always place a few writing tables in any part of your home for your children to study. Children study best at anywhere they can concentrate better. Sometimes it is your master bedroom or even the living room or kitchen. Allow them to go there to study hard and never insist that they must always study at your "designated" study table. This is because the energies there may not be good for them to concentrate so why waste your time and effort when they cannot concentrate there? Let them choose where they want to study. That way it will be both fruitful for you and your kid.
  • It is best not to have any television set in your bedroom. However, if because of habit and it has to be there, then cover it with a plastic cloth after watching the TV programs to prevent static energy from zapping at you when you sleep. This is the reason why even after 8 hours of good rest, you still feel very tired. It is because of that television set.
  • In your office, you should always sit with a solid wall behind your back to give you support from bosses, colleagues and friends. If you can't, then try to create one if possible.

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