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Fengshui House Tips

If you walk into your apartment and it immediately faces the balcony or a row of windows, please cover the windows with curtains to keep the chi in your house instead of allowing chi to flow into your house and then flow out through the balcony r windows. The chi once it hits the curtains will turn and flow to the other parts of your house. You should always allow chi to circulate your house.

It is alright to buy houses that is very dark (too much yin energy) but you will have to renovate to bring in more light into the house. But make sure the fengshui of the house is good first before the purchase.

You may also want to change the age of the house by opening up your roofs for some time to allow chi to pass in from the Universe into your house. The reason is the age of a house is the day the house was built and occupied. So the older the house, the chi would have been used up. Hence new chi is required to bring you good luck and prosperity.

If you wish to activate romance in your house, use fresh flowers and a beautiful vase with water and place them in any part of your house. This can be done if you do not wish to seek a fengshui consultant. It is called a "trial and error" method. But no roses are to be used as roses has thorns and can cause romance to turn sour. When the petals fade, change the flowers unless you wish to have a sour romance. Married couples should not try this.

Fengshui can cure a haunted house, so use rice and sandlewood incense. Also create more windows or doors in the house.


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