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Activate Your Inner Feng Shui

Everyone has the capability to attain his/her highest potential, which is limitless. Learn to use your inner feng shui to make your mind tune itself to creating positive energy, to strengthen the yang side of your consciousness.

Inspire Yourself

Life can be full of hardship and negativity along the way. Next time you feel the need for someone to give you a push and shake you out of lethargy, go search for a well-written biography to or surround yourself with friends who raise you high, build you up, make you feel like you can do anything, swim the deepest oceans, climb any mountain. Theres nothing more motivating than reading about someones hard-earned success story and mix with friends who encourage you and nurture your inner chi.

Discovering Happiness And Confronting Fears

When you know what really galvanizes and excites you, it is like discovering the key to happiness. However many of us do not really know what we want, nor appreciate the potential we have of finding permanent happiness. The beginning of experiencing real happiness is to understand the true nature of happiness. Then only can we find the key that will bring happiness to you. There is the lack of experimental spirit in a person that is largely due to the fear factor fear of falling, fear of losing face, fear of getting the sack which creates a high level of anxiety. Admit, face them squarely and confront them. If you fear speaking to audience, force yourself to do it. Often, the reality of what you fear is a lot less fearful than you expect. Dont let fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of you doing it. The time will pass anyway: you might as well put that passing time to the best possible use.

Create A Vision

When you have a vision, your mind has something exciting to focus on and look forward to. Create your vision now on how you can live your life in a fulfilling and rewarding way and not about what you want. This is how yang energy comes to life with thoughts that empower the road ahead with real meaning. Setting easily achievable goals can never excite you. When your goal is seemingly difficult, it takes on a magical aura, it lives and breathes and provide powerful motivational energy. So move your goal posts if you are indeed setting your sights too low.

Deprogram Your Brain

For a start, train yourself to use your entire brain both right and left sides, with the serious mingling with the joyous, the rational with the frivolous. Whole brain activity leads to creativity of the most wondrous kind. Bring yang chi into your psyche by discarding everything associated with the negative mindset. Everyday, tell yourself you are getting better and better at being positive, optimistic and happy. The best way to rid yourself of debilitating negatives is to talk aloud yourself. Write a script describing everything positive about yourself and then read it aloud. This exercise will boost your confidence. Next time, you hear yourself saying pessimistic or derogatory, pinch yourself and loudly contradict it.

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