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Improving Eight Mansions Luck

The Eight Mansions formula is usually used as personalized method of feng shui. Based on your date of birth, you can calculate your KUA number, and from there work our your good and bad directions. This personalized dimension of KUA formula however is only one method of using the formula.

The KUA formula also divides the house into eight types, and in each type of house, the distribution of luck energies is clearly spelt out. Whether the house is good or bad for individuals depends on their KUA number compatibility with the house, but the house feng shui itself is also affected by the distribution of energy according to the KUA formula. When we speak of house feng shui, the auspicious and unlucky rooms usually apply to everyone living within the home, irrespective of their individual KUA numbers.

However, all houses will always benefit some residents more than others, and this depends on the compatibility of their KUA numbers with the sitting and facing KUA of the house. According to Eight Mansions, it is usually beneficial to have water at the front of the house, since this will always enhance the sheng chi or growth luck of the residents. In feng shui, sheng chi means expansion and constant improvement - one's wealth expanding and one's rank going higher.

But to ensure this, it is necessary to have water near the entrance to the home and this is because you will note that in every house, the sector which always houses the sheng chi luck is the front sector. his type of luck - sheng chi - always benefits from the presence of physical water. The reason for this is because the element equivalent of sheng chi luck is wood, which benefits from the presence of water.


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