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Feng Shui - Activate Your Inner Self

Paint Your Own Universe

Don't go through life allowing others to control your aura and your environment. The key to enjoying excellent feng shui whether inner or outer is to take control of your surroundings, and by extension your life. Paint your own Universe. Create your canvas. Fill it with the colors and strokes of your choice. If you go through each day accepting what other people and circumstances splatter on your canvas, your painting (and your life) could well get ruined.

How much better when you are in control, if not completely then at least partially. This is a freedom we all have. You only need to recognize it and you will begin to see that there are pots of paints in every hue and color just waiting for you to make something of your life's canvas.

Talk To Yourself

The best way to program yourself positively and rid yourself of debilitating negatives is to talk aloud to yourself. Write a script describing everything positive about yourself and then read it aloud. This should be an exercise in boosting your confidence, in making you feel good and in convincing yourself that you can be whatever you want to be.

That there are simply no heights in the world you cannot attain. Each time you hear yourself saying anything pessimistic or derogatory, pinch yourself and loudly contradict it. Be careful what you subject your ears to. They believe everything they hear unless the mind actively tells them not to believe. So each time you talk to yourself, say positive, encouraging things. Use the same attitude towards others around you. In time, you will find that you criticize yourself and others less and less, thereby setting the stage fro only good and positive things to come into your life.

Debate With Your Dark Side

Whenever you catch yourself brooding, worrying, feeling depressed about a situation or an outcome, recognize instantly that it is the negative side of you being dominant. Everyone has a negative side. This is nothing to be ashamed of. But if you want to strengthen yourself with powerful inner chi, start a debate with your dark side, making sure you win!

Convince your mind how much better life looks when you see the bright side brought about by having an optimistic attitude. Build a case for being an idealist. List all the ways your mind and heart can expand as you open doors to all that is possible rather than close the door because you think everything you want to do is impossible.

Become A Hero/Heroine

Get used to playing the role of the conquering hero or heroine. This is what initiates success vibrations within you. Reject the role of the supporting or bit player. In your scheme of things, see yourself as the main player, as the star. When the inner consciousness gets used to thinking of itself this way, motivating oneself becomes a hugely satisfying exercise that gets built on over the years. You will find it much easier than to drive yourself into making the kinds of decisions and taking the kinds of action that will actualize this. .

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