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Empowering Your Quartz Crystal

Selecting quartz crystals work best, although citrine crystals with their off-yellow hues make very attractive empowered crystals as well. The most important criterion is that you should select a crystal that "talks" to you. You have to feel a natural affinity with the crystal. When you are in the shop, use your palms to tune into the crystal. Always buy from a shop whose environment feels happy and positive. Never get a crystal that appears lifeless or dull-colored.

If you want to empower a crystal, it is best to select one that has a natural glow and glitter. Choose a crystal that is at least 8 inches high with at least four to six flat surfaces for you to write your favorite affirmations, mantras or prayers on. Whether the crystal is clear or has patterns inside is a matter of personal taste.

Empowering With Words

You can write holy syllables such as Om, Ah, Hum or powerful mantras such as Om, Mani Padme Hum or you can write powerful affirmations such as good fortune comes to this house everyday. The range of words and positive sentences that can be magnified and enhanced by the energy of the crystal are limitless. You can make up your own affirmation or select prayers or mantras that mean something special to you.

Lighting Your Crystal

When you shine a bright and powerful light into the crystal, you are activating the positive words written on the crystal. They can be simple phrases such as I am happy, or This is a happy household, or Each day in every way I am getting better and better. Or they can be holy mantras written in Sanskrit, Chinese or Tibetan. As long as the words strike a powerful chord within you, expressing your innermost desires, these words will actualize and manifest what you want into reality.

Look for lighting stands with five colors that can double up as a base for the crystal. The five-colored lights signify the five elements whose collective presence ensures a great deal of yin and yang energy, which creates the ten thousand things that signify wealth and abundance.


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