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Quartz Crystal

Genuine quartz crystals dug up from the earth and occurring I rocks and caves signify the most powerful aspects of earth energy. Quartz has been acknowledged to have the most amazing energy storage capacity. It is therefore not surprising that in many different cultures and traditions, quartz crystals are highly prized. They also feature prominently in many cultural healing rituals.

Quartz crystals have been associated with the lost city of Atlantis and legend has it that Atlantis was powered by energy created and stored inside huge crystals. No one knows how true this is but what is known is that quartz crystals have a powerful vibration that resonates within any space bringing pure energy into the space.

In recent years, the world has opened its hearts and minds to the quartz crystal. Many feng shui experts have been strongly advocating the use of crystals to activate the chi currents of the present Period 8 inside homes and offices.


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