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Ring Your Bell

It is so auspicious to invest in a metal bell you can use to announce to the family that dinner is ready. The sound of metal on metal has powerful feng shui connotations and apart from being an excellent antidote against the harmful afflictions of any given year - (metal energy overcomes the five yellow as well as the illness stars) - the act of ringing a metal bell is also lucky for the head of the household.

It activates the energies of the Chien trigram, which benefits the patriarch or father figure. Look for bells that have auspicious symbols etched onto them. The dragon is best, although the mystical knot is also excellent. Be very discerning when it comes to the sound of the bell. Get a bell whose harmonics linger on.

You can use the space-clearing bell, made of seven metals including gold and silver, because these give off a very sweet sound. But you can also look for bells from China with attractive auspicious symbols. Follow your heart. Unless you like the bell, you will not use it. And if you like it a lot, each time you ring it brings happiness chi.


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