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The Unlucky Directions

Ho hai, wu kwei (five ghosts), lui shar (six killing) and chueh ming (total loss) are locations in the home that have the potential to bring misfortune and should be suppressed. If you have a toilet, kitchen or storeroom in these locations, it is excellent as this will press down on the bad luck of the location. Otherwise, you can do as follow:

To suppress ho hai luck, place plants in this sector.

To suppress wu kwei luck, place a container of yin water here. Still water has the power to silence five ghosts and under certain circumstances water when activated can cause the five ghosts to bring gold into the home. This is possible only under certain circumstances where the five ghosts are said to be bringing gold to the home.

To suppress lui shar luck, you need a preponderance of earth energy in its location. Keeping the place tiled up or decorated with crystals and stones would be some of the ways to do this. The presence of stones is always a good deterrent for the six killings energy of Eight Mansions feng shui.

To suppress chueh ming luck, you will require the presence of fire energy. Bright lights, candles or red lamps are what are needed to counter the energy of total loss. Do take the threat of chueh ming seriously, as its effects are very powerful.


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