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The Lucky Directions

Sheng chi, nien yen, tien yi and fu wel are locations in the home that should be enhanced as follows:

For success luck, tap into the Sheng Chi location which is always at the front of the house.

For relationship luck (marriage, love, romance) tape the nien yen location of your house. Place strong relationship enhancing symbols here and keep this area well lit. The nien yen sector benefits from the presence of powerful quartz and amethyst crystals.

For health luck, tap the tien yi location of the house. Place a wu lou here. Better yet if the wu lou is kept energized with a bright light. This sector benefits from the presence of the Eight immortals.

For personal development luck, tap the fu wei direction of your house. This part of your home also benefits from having a small water feature. The best types are those with water welling up slowly from stones or rocks. Very auspicious for those studying and waiting to do well at school or university.


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