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Can Lips Convey So Much?

Peach Blossom Lips

These lips are small and sensual, like the peach blossom fruit. These lips look demure, almost virginal and are very well suited to a fairy tale princess. The corners curve upwards. Lips like these are perfect, almost ideal, and they indicate a life of luxury. Peach blossom lips people are kind-hearted and giving, generous to a fault, thinking of others before themselves. They are decorous in their speech and they influence others without seeming to do so.

Curved Lips

These lips curve gently upwards, even when at rest. There is a permanent half smile on the person's face, giving him or her an all-knowing appearance. The upper and bottom lip are the same shape and size. People with curved lips have great power in their speech and they make excellent politicians, actors and performers. Such people are naturally positive and are likely to attain recognition from a young age. They are charismatic and possess a special humor.

Blowing Fire Lips

These lips suggest confident, loudmouthed individuals. The lip shape suggests blowing fire. The lips do not close completely so the teeth face out and can be seen. They are likely to be outspoken and confident. They win friends easily and charm their way into hearts almost without trying. They are comfortable when at the centre of attention. However, their life can be something of a struggle and if they succeed, it is through their own efforts.

Raising Moon Lips

These are lips whose corners turn naturally upwards, giving the person a pleasant, innocent and fun appearance. These lips convey someone lighthearted, energetic and easy to get along with. Such individuals enjoy success without creating enemies or generating jealousy. They enjoy good fortune and are blessed with a happy-go-lucky attitude that is infectious. They bring luck and happiness to those around them.

Tiger Lips

These lips are pink with upper and lower lips symmetrical. They are an indication of a predatory nature, reminiscent of the tiger. On men, these are lips of forceful leaders who possess the gift or the gab, successfully projecting substance where there is little. They are good at exaggerating.

Dragon Lips

Both upper and lower lips are thick, huge and even in size. Usually bright in color, the lips are broad all the way into the corners of the mouth like the powerful Dragon. These lips indicated a life blessed with money and love luck. Usually found on capable individuals who are adept at speaking but tend to be underestimated. They are not loud nor brash, but can be, should the need arise. Their speech has great power.

Rat Lips

Rat lips are tiny. The upper lip is well-defined while the lower lip is thick and straight. The corners are slightly down turned. People with rat lips are narrow minded and prone to jealousy. These lips are more auspicious women they are on men. On men, others don't take you seriously.

Ox Lips

These are very thick lips. Usually bright red, the corners face upwards. The length of the lip is short, like the snout of an ox. People with these lips make loyal friends. They are straightforward with no hidden agendas. They are easy to deal with and honourable. They enjoy good fortune in terms of having enough food, clothes and money. They also live long, meaningful lives.

Monkey Lips

These lips are thin and wide, stretching across the face. They also curve upwards in a mischievous grin. People with these lips are smart and cunning. They move easily in social circles. Lips like these suggest a talent for small talk. People with these lips are also blessed with an ability to be very persuasive. People with monkey lips are usually torn between a hectic social life and a quiet home life. They want it both ways, but their situation in life rarely allows it.

Thunder Lips

These lips resemble the beak of a bird. The upper lip is fat and thick while the lower lip is thin and short. These lips suggest a good-hearted, talkative person. But they belong to people whose life is full of fair-weather friends. These lips also indicate the person could well be betrayed by those they thought were friends.

Overturned Wooden Boat Lips

A mouthful indeed. Here both corners slope downwards, resembling an overturned wooden boat. These lips are more pronounced if there is a moustache. Such lips bring power, rank and status. Such people are revered in society, enjoying fame or prominence. On thin faces however, they predict a lonely, poor life with many obstacles.

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