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How To Invite Luck Into You?

Wind Chimes are believed to accentuate positive energy and break up stagnant energy inside your home. Place one in a relatively darker section of your house to enhance the Chi.

If you are doing business, you will need the help of Kuan Kung magnificent god of wealth and powerful protector of your finances.

Fortune cats are often a favorite with those who want to increase wealth. Their raised hand is an invitation to good luck and fortune. When placed in the home, they are believed to help increase the main source of income, or create a side income.

For relationship luck, tap the Nien Yen location of your house. Place strong relationship enhancing symbols here and keep this area well lit.

Money Plants signify growth and are especially good for enhancing wealth. Display them in the southeast corner of your living room but not in the bedroom or bathroom.

Fountains are considered by many to be an invitation to flow with life. They energise the home and attract the best into it.

Pi Xiu are thought to venture out to obtain money and wealth for their power. Place them facing the door at night.

For success luck, tap into the Sheng Shi location which is always at the front of the house.

For health luck, tap the Tien Yi location of the house. Place a Wu Lou here.

For personal development luck, tap the Fu Wei direction of your house. This part of your home also benefits from having a small water feature. The best types are those with water welling up slowly from stones or rocks.

Goldfish symbolize good luck and energy in you home if they are in the right combination. Most people consider eight gold fish and one black goldfish the perfect wealth energizers.

Fu dogs have a variety of appearances. It is believed the more wrathful the look, the better they guard your abode. Looking out, females with bay are placed right; males with globes are placed left!

Horseshoes are supposed to catch and store any good luck floating by. To usher in good fortune, hang a horseshoe on your main door with the mouth facing up.

Declutter Your Desk

To find inner Zen, take a look at your workspace. The messier it is, the more likely you are to feel tense. Clutter is akin to visual noise - constantly in your face, it messes with concentration and triggers stress. So give your table a spring cleaning. Just chuck everything you don't need!


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